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Well, here we are again guys. Going to try another run. I'm nervous, stoked and excited to hopefully see even more old faces returning, and then you guys starting to bring new into the fold.

I know that the playing field is much different with facebook pages, reddit, discord and the like out there now. But in my opinion, a forum is special... at least it can be. It is a moment to get away and just chill out and take your mind off of problems.

So we are gonna get this right this time. With your help. I'm not running this, you are. I'm just here to implement and ensure everything is smooth. The admin team and I have decided this at the very first.

Shyguy16 posted in chat today "No one will do anything unless everyone does something".

Deep. Find your place like we did back then and roll with it. You want a pokeforum again? Hit me up. PM me on here, or email me at

Well, it's my bed time and you don't want me cranky. I'm old now. Screw you.

Sorry... see? Cranky.
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  1. Metocles's Avatar
    As Archimedes said, "Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world." Well, while we don't need to quite move the whole world, our people are a good enough lever.

    He also said, "Do not disturb my circles!" before a Roman soldier killed him. Find your own meaning with that one.
  2. Kai's Avatar
    A homeless man once said to me "you gotta appreciate everything you got because it can be gone just like that *snap* poof, up in smoke. If you got something or someone you cherish hold on tight and never let go." I loved NW and the friends i madeon there. I'm gong to do what i can to help this community flourish so we can all keep it for a long time to come.
  3. Yuki's Avatar
    I'm happy to be back on a gaming forum again!